Exercise and quality bonding time!? …sounds like a win-win to me!

Can’t seem to find enough time to fit in exercise and quality time with your babies or kids in the every day madness that is parenting?!? 

Well this may be the solution for you!…..Intellidance isn’t just GREAT for children, it’s GREAT for adults too! Intellidance creator Jessica Griffin shares how she had just over 1100 steps before she taught her Intellidance Babies class!….

“In 60 minutes I increased my step count to over 5400 and managed to burn 270 active calories (which is pretty awesome since we spend half of the Babies program seated- I’m sure this would be much higher for Tots and Kids!). My mamas would have been even more active, holding a 15-25 lb Baby during class.” …..

So why not spend some quality time with your little ones and burn a few calories while you’re at it too! 

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