Come out of the cold this Winter and get that body moving!

As the colder weather sets in, Intellidance continues to provide a warm and safe space for your child to move and grow!

Through creative dance, music and sensory play, Intellidance provides a holistic, child-focused environment that fosters critical development in children from baby to age 5.


Intellidance uses a concept-based approach to movement education. This teaches young children a meaningful movement vocabulary that can be applied to any style of dance, sport, or movement-based activity. Movement becomes a universal language and holistic learning tool that is beneficial to children worldwide.

Conceptual dance is process driven. It challenges and inspires children to explore, inquire, and problem solve. Conceptual dance integrates cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. This creates a holistic and child-focused environment.

Attending an Intellidance class will help to…


•Foster rhythmic awareness and the ability to move to the beat.

•Develop musicality through exploration of sensory props, songs, music and movement.

•Develop spatial and body awareness.

•Nurture social development, collaborative dance and cultural awareness.

•Foster language development and early literacy skills.

•Support individual creativity and expression.

•Develop gross motor and dance skills.

•Increase co-ordination, balance, and flexibility.


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