Why Intellidance?

Why Intellidance…..? As a parent there are so many choices these days for extra enrichment activities to do with your little ones…..so why Intellidance? I could really go on and on about the many benefits and wonders of this programme, from developing musicality, creativity, early literacy skills, cultural awareness, co-ordination etc…but today I wanted to focus on just 5:

1 – We are researched based:

Our programme is based on extensive research in early childhood development making sure that your child is being taught using CURRENT best practices and recommendations for optimal learning and growth!

2 – Intellidance is good for your child’s brain!

Intellidance combines MUSIC, DANCE, and SENSORY PLAY creating a rich and powerful learning environment. When we move to music, various areas of our brains are being activated simultaneously related to language processing, memory, sensory processing and even areas associated with emotion. Research also shows that dance and music done in group settings will not only boost social-emotional development, but enhance neural development too.

3 – Intellidance is good for your child’s physical development: 

 Intellidance uses a concept-based approach to movement education. This teaches young children a meaningful movement vocabulary that can be applied to any style of dance, sport, or movement-based activity. Movement becomes a universal language and holistic learning tool that is beneficial to children worldwide.

4 – Intellidance boosts your child’s social-emotional development: 

 All humans from babies to adults are social creatures! We learn BEST through interacting and playing with others! Making new friends, socialising with others, taking turns, problem solving, listening, sharing, self-expression, creativity, interacting with a loving caregiver are all wonderful ways that help increase your child’s social-emotional development. But even more so, through dancing and singing together children learn about COMMUNITY and feel a strong sense of BELONGING. …“To a neutral observer, synchronized dance appears to be the result of a close relationship between the participants. To the participants themselves, although it may not begin this way, it typically ends up engendering strong feelings of sympathy, caring and affection.”(Levitan, D, 2008)

5 – Our families LOVE Intellidance:

Sometimes the best way to gauge whether a programme is right for you and your family is to ask the actual families that participate in our classes for their feedback…. so here’s just some of what the moms from Intellidance with Inger have to say:
“My 11-month-old visibly enjoys the classes, he is so cheerful and happy. He loves the hands-on instruments and moves along to the music. For me, the class is the most relaxing time of the week, I forget about everything else and solely concentrate on my child and myself. I love to see him so happy and I love the different types of bonding we experience together: We connect on a completely different level through music and dance, other than we do in every day situations. Inger is an amazing instructor! The way she offers the playing, the singing and the dancing feels so light and natural that I feel like a child again.” – Aleks (mom)

“A mix of music and dance concepts presented in a fun playful way – the best way to learn! My 2 and 5 year old loved the class. Each activity is intelligently designed to expand the children’s awareness of their bodies, different movements, rhythm, tempo, and types of music. Inger is wonderful with the children, patient, kind and warm, and she does an excellent job keeping the children’s attention and leading their learning and fun.” – Tatyana (mom)

“My 2 year old and I have really enjoyed the classes with Inger. Music, rhythm, dancing scarves, songs, instruments, rhymes and much more…….we have a lot of fun in each class!” – Marion (mom)

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